My name is Andrea Keith and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). My office is located in Irvine, California directly across the street from the UCI main campus in an 11-story high-rise. I am a compassionate, yet straight-forward therapist interested in helping you resolve issues, recognize unproductive behavioral and relationship patterns, and provide emotional support in a safe and non-judgmental environment. I am passionate about my work.


My therapeutic services are available to individuals, couples and families who want to improve their relationships, are seeking personal development, and/or wanting assistance while navigating relationship challenges.


Anger Management classes for adults seeking to learn better coping skills and improve relationships both at home and in the workplace.

As a passionate pet-lover, I offer a Pet Loss Support Group. This is a topic no one ever wants to think about, but when loss occurs one may find comfort in knowing this group is available.

Relationship Boot Camp: Recalibrating Codependent Behavior is an 8-week class that was developed to teach individuals (not couples) about codependence, and how to change damaging behavioral patterns into more healthy coping skills and improve their relationships.

Gambling addiction and the family and/or loved ones.  Treatment for the Problem Gambler and/or treatment for those affected by the Problem Gambler is available at no-cost.

For more information on this program established by the State of California, please call: 1-800-GAMBLER.

Anyone affected by the problem gambler including a significant other and/or family members are eligible for no-cost treatment as well.

Training for treatment of the Problem Gambler and Affected Individual was obtained through the State of California and, as a preferred provider.


Therapy offers support and sometimes direction for life's challenges especially when it is unclear how to resolve them on your own. As licensed therapist I can assist each client in a way that benefits each the most. Every person is unique and has individual needs and issues to resolve. Taking the first step toward dealing with those issues can be tough, but when assisted by the right treatment, therapy can provide insight and guidance unavailable elsewhere.

Therapy can be hard work, but the rewards are many. As we focus on your goals and how to reach them we can put in action a treatment plan to live a happier healthy life.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.




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